Male Contraceptive and Where The Idea Began

Now don’t work up a frenzy by just reading the headline. Male contraceptives are still a long way to go but it could be soon that you say goodbye to condoms as a medium to prevent accidental impregnation. In fact,… Continue Reading →

Insurance and Peace of Mind – A Short Survey

A few years back it was discovered that children who felt safe and secure in their homes, away from any kind of emotional or physical torture were seen to grow up with confidence and have a greater chance of fulfilling… Continue Reading →

Jupiter Is In Constant Flux – A Violent World

Do you know what makes up the atmosphere of Jupiter – the beautiful giant in our solar system? Here’s a shocker – Jupiter only has an atmosphere or in other words it is a gas giant that is made up… Continue Reading →

Crocodiles Are Oriented Like Birds

Did you know that saltwater crocodiles in Australia are believed to be capable of swimming for hundreds of kilometers without getting lost? In a recent research, it was discovered that they have a natural guidance system, quite similar to that… Continue Reading →

Originally They Were Brown Until A Mutation Occurred

According to Human Genetics, which publishes all relevant research theories, thesis and rebuttals with respect to the field of genetics and “human genetics” in particular, now believes that blue eyes and all the various iridescent shades of the same can… Continue Reading →

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