Now don’t work up a frenzy by just reading the headline. Male contraceptives are still a long way to go but it could be soon that you say goodbye to condoms as a medium to prevent accidental impregnation. In fact, even with male contraceptives becoming more of a reality today, the fact remains that condoms will be the first and foremost line of protection considering they protect from all sexually transmitted diseases, which is something male contraceptives can never do.

Nevertheless, the concept of male contraceptives began thanks to the discovery that ultrasound has a temporary effort on freezing the sperm for nearly six months. This finding comes from a specific American research held at the University of North Carolina. Scientists have evaluated the safety and efficacy of ultrasound and according to them, it is a viable reversible source of contraceptives for men.

According to the lead researcher, the method is already showing encouraging results and because it is non-hormonal, cheap and reliable plus being reversible – families and couples can get rid of women contraceptives that have side effects. Best of all, the effects of a male contraceptive using ultrasound lasts for nearly six months. It basically blocks production of any new sperm and once the last drops of semen are gone, the male patient becomes sterile. It takes around six months for the production of sperm to restart.